So, what do you like? –

A couple of days ago one specific conversation made me  overthink one question I assumed was very normal. The conversation went a little like this.

Other person: So you like art right? 

Me: Yes

Other person: Ok, so tell me, which type of art do you like?

At the very moment of this question, I blacked out. Somehow it was impossible for me to answer this question in the amount of words that were appropriate for  this type of conversation. It is easy for me to list the types of art that I do not like, or the paintings that I would not put in my house; but to explain what type of art I actually enjoyed looking at, felt like describing ‘What I Would Change to The World if I Were President of the US’ -ish. Yes, I would like everyone to have enough drinking water, but I also would love to save the polar bear population- If you know what I mean.

In art it is the exact same thing. Bella Foster’s watercolour paintings are just genius. I admire how she can represent a certain atmosphere in a very light and amusing way. The combination of colours and very fluid lines in her works just make her stand out. Here is one of her paintings in case you have no idea of who I am talking about:

I know it is not my painting but pls don’t sue me for copyright issues.

Anyhow this is one of the styles I really admire. However, the big mistake is that people then assume that the only artworks I like are  of the same aesthetic genre. Wrong thinking people, wrong thinking. What about this work by Peter Rogiers:

Same here lol

This print gives me such an energetic feeling only by looking at it. Prints in black and white are just very fascinating to me. I think the main reason for this is that while making a print the artist can really choose the intensity of BLACK he/she wants to put in his/her work, whereas, in a painting, black is always this risky colour that only very daring artists can work with without making the black too BLACK – if you don’t know what I mean it’s fine, I am struggling with this description myself.

So, -in case you would not see where I am heading- the two images above do not resemble each other at all in an objective way. On the other hand, they give me a good feeling when looking at them.

There we are: ‘Feelings’. Isn’t that what art is all about? Expressing ones feelings through a channel that is not in need of words? Why then use words to try and explain the feelings we acquire in such an abstract way?

It is comforting to know I am not the only one that hasn’t got the ability to do this in a conventional -talking- kind of way. For this reason, I want to thank the world for people who express their feelings through poetry, songs, paintings, the piano and so many more. You people make the world a slightly more interesting place to live in, I can’t even describe.




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