Thanks Mum-


As I try to look back on where my obsession to find new Graffiti Art comes from, I can only think of one answer: My Mother.

Without her motivation/ skills to drive a car, we would have never ended up in the places we sometimes did.

It all started in the village where Street-Art has lived its own life for many years (and hopefully many to follow): DOEL. This village was condemned by some forces higher on the ladder of decision making, to be destroyed and to make place for a larger ‘Port of Antwerp’. However -after many years of fighting against higher powers-  the few villagers who have refused to leave, are surrounded by abandoned houses. These abandoned houses, on the other hand, have made place for some other stunning creatures:

doel kraai .jpg
Seriously, try and paint this on a house where people still live. I don’t think you will live any longer.

Anyhow, long story short, in case Antwerp is nearby and you have a car: GO TO DOEL before it’s too late!

The other fancy picture of another bird, is not made in Doel. This time, my mother and I (mostly my mother though), decided to discover a ‘new graffiti environment’. NIEUW ZURENBORG is the name of a region -also in Antwerp- that is not abandoned and maybe a little bit easier to access. 4 streets have been totally drenched in Graffiti and the result is simply stunning:           *this little wow voice will pop up in your head*

uhuuuuuu… That’s what I’m talking about
queen .jpg
‘When you turn around the corner and the first thing you see is this lady checkin’ up on you’

OK No more spoilers pls.

I know life is hard and escaping through a computer screen is f**kin easy but please get out and SEE STUFF. Graffiti can be found on walls everywhere, and the best part is:

“Walls cannot charge you like Museums do”

That’s why: Thanks Mum for learning me to explore walls!

Hugs and Good Vibes




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